Phoenix Percussion was formed in 2006. We recognized the need for a snare and tenor drum harness which delivered improved ergonomics.

Traditional means to carry these drums are problematic. The sling delivers the load of the drum to one shoulder and allows excessive movement of the drum. The rigid harness splits the load of the drum between both shoulders, however the lower back is put under strain as the drum is held away from the body.

We developed a harness which provides comfort for the drummer and stability for the drum. Our Talon Harness allows the drummer a full range of motion and drumming options, without placing strain on the drummer’s lower back and shoulders. It has been calculated that when using the Talon Harness, there is a minimum 20% reduction in the weight of the drum on the lower back.

If you have any questions please e-mail us.  Thank you for your interest in the Talon Drum Harness – The Comfortable Alternative.  

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